Find the Best Hair Colorist for You

Find the right hair colorist for you

Hair color can make or break your look, so you need to find a hair colorist who is an expert. Mastery takes time – look for someone with more than five years of experience for regular coloring. For corrective color, you will need someone with at least ten years of experience. Better still, find someone who specializes in hair color who has a variety of hair color techniques available.

Corrective color is complicated with many steps and will take many visits to the salon. You need an experienced hair colorist who has the experience to know how to rebuild your hair and balance the colors to avoid unwanted tones. An expert colorist will make a short-term plan with you to outline the process and let you know what to expect now as well as a long-term plan to maintain the look you want. Hair grows at the rate of ¼ inch to ½ inch per month, so your stylist should give you a general idea of how long the process will take.

It’s not just about experience, you need to find someone who gets you. If you can’t tell your stylist what you want, how will you ever get what you want? Be open, be honest. Bring in photos that show styles and colors that you like as examples. An experienced hair colorist will be able to translate those looks into what is right for you. To keep the color true, use the products your stylist recommends. Salon products are worth the price.

Make regular appointments and keep them. You may not think those roots show, but they do. Having your roots show tells the world you don’t care about yourself.

Ask your stylist questions before you start –
Which hair color tones look best with my eye color and skin tone? Ask for an explanation!
How can we customize my haircut to suit my face shape?
Does the stylist enjoy cutting your type of hair?

If you trust your stylist, listen to her. If you don’t trust her, find someone you do.

Remember, your stylist wants you to be happy and look your best when you leave the salon.

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