Tape-ins add volume to thinning hair


Have thinning hair? Try tape-ins to add volume!

Extensions add length, but what can help us with short ‘dos and thinning hair? Tape-ins!

We usually think of extensions adding length, but they can add volume to shorter hair as well. If your hair is thinning at the hairline, on the sides or on the top, Great Lengths has the products to give you a thicker, fuller head of hair – just what you have been looking for! (Tape-ins can also rescue you from that WOAT haircut!)

You have done the research and you know Great Lengths Tape-ins are the best, so let’s get started!

Consult with your stylist

Tell your Great Lengths stylist what you hope to achieve with your extensions. Your stylist will work with you to evaluate your hair with consideration to its length, density and condition to determine what results are achievable.

She will also determine what lengths and colors are needed to achieve the result you want. A detailed consultation is essential in order to give you accurate pricing information.

Your stylist will explain how to care for your Great Lengths extensions including shampooing, conditioning, brushing and styling. Following these recommendations will keep your extensions looking great.

Be sure to ask questions – she can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Day of application

Your stylist wants the very best outcome, so please expect to spend some time at the salon. Any type of extension needs to be carefully attached to your existing hair for long lasting results.

Tape-ins are applied with a strong, medical-grade adhesive, so they are hypoallergenic and stay firmly in place.

Maintaining the look

Use the recommended products for your extensions – shampoo, conditioner, etc. They are made to work with your extensions. Brush your hair during the day to prevent tangling. Sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase will help fight frizz.

You talked about color in your initial consultation, but if you decide you want a different color, don’t color your extensions yourself. Go back to your stylist for the best result.

Enjoy your fuller, thicker hair!


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