Hair braids are back again


Hair braids are Back!

Double-band braid

Braiding your hair is a great way to keep long hair under control, but an ordinary braid can loosen up at your neck and start to look sloppy. The solution is the double-band hair braid and it’s going viral – insiders from New York to Milan to Paris are rocking the look.

You can go with a middle part or just slick your hair straight back and gather it at the nape of your neck using a thick elastic band. Then make your braid and finish it off with another thick elastic band. Use matching bands or contrasting bands to mix things up.

Dress it up

To dress it up a bit, try weaving a scarf into the braid. There are so many beautiful scarves available at all price points – indulge yourself and add sophistication to your braid! If your hair is somewhat thin, braiding in a scarf adds volume. Silk scarves will give you an elegant look, while cotton gives a casual vibe to your look.

Need more volume? Add a fall

But what if your hair doesn’t give your braid the thickness you want? Add a fall – or two! You can match your hair or try a contrasting color. Selena Gomez rocks this look in her new video – try it yourself! HALOCOUTURE® makes high-quality, affordable falls that anyone can wear. (Available at Studio 6 Salon and Spa, Nashua, NH)