Shampoo FAQs: Know What’s What

Studio 6 Shampoo FAQs Know What's What

We get asked a lot of different shampoo questions, and we are happy to share our knowledge! Here are some shampoo FAQs here at Studio 6:

Q: Is shampooing bad for your hair and will it fade color?
A: No, not if you use the right products for your hair, pH balanced, with conditioning agents to close the cuticle and lock in the color. Wait 48 hours (if possible) after color is applied to shampoo your hair.

Q. Why does my hair feel greasy and my scalp dry after shampooing?
A. You may not be rinsing as thoroughly as you need to. Be sure to rinse the products thoroughly out of your hair – rinse until it feels squeaky clean to the touch. And yes, shampoo twice. The first time gets the any residue out of your hair and the second time gets the into the hair follicle for a deeper clean. Use cool water for the final rinse and you will see a difference.

Q. Do products (shampoo, conditioner, styling products) cause buildup? If so what can be done?
A. Some products can cause build up or intolerance. This can be prevented by using a detoxifying shampoo every two weeks. Detoxifying shampoo will also remove pollution from your hair. Oribe’s The Cleanse (clarifying shampoo) is a great one and their Essential Antidote (replenishing conditioner) seals the cuticle.

Q. How often should I shampoo my hair?
A. Consult with your stylist. An experienced stylist will examine your scalp and hair and can tell what you need. It varies, depending on your hair’s condition and texture. Fine hair needs to be shampooed every day. If your hair is extremely dry, condition, condition, condition!

Q: My girlfriends are using conditioner in place of shampoo – is that OK?
A. No, that will build up. Hair needs to be cleaned of all products regularly. Ask your stylist what are the best products for you.

Q: What about dry shampoo?
It’s great if you use a good one – it can buy you time between shampoos or refresh your hair before going out for the evening or even go that extra day after coloring. But you have to use a good one: Gold Lust Dry Shampoo by Oribe is the best.

Q: How often should I condition my hair?
Condition every time you shampoo, using the right conditioner. Your experienced stylist will recommend one that is right for you. Talk to your stylist about whether you prefer to condition in the shower or use a leave-in spray. If your hair is very dry, use both for maximum effect.

Q: Which hair color tones look best with my eye color?
A: Your stylist will be able to tell you, but as a general rule, cool tones look best with blue eyes; brown eyes need warm tones and hazel eyes can go either way depending.

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